Shayne on the Future of SU.Net

Shayne on the Future of SU.Net

by August 28, 2001

With the downfall of, is, once again out for the count. I was HOPING to have the site back up by August, 29th,’s second anniversary on the web, but it’s not happening. These are bad times for the Sonic Community, and it’s getting worse every day.

My main focus, right now, is getting Star Dreams Entertainment publicly recognized, and for that, our flag-title game, Star Fighters, must be dealt with as a top priority, as well as the hardware we have plans for. Our SAGE booth, in fact, has become a disaster area, as I have lost contact with BOTH or my programmers,
resulting in, guess what, NO material to show on the booth.

So what now from here? Well, first off, I’m NOT giving up on ANYthing. I will make attempts to contact my co-webmaster, Andrew (Qtoken), and make arrangments to put up our OWN temporary server, which MAY be on only at certain times until we can get a stable server. About Sonic R II…I feel that we must save this as a
side-project, and prove to Sega that we have our OWN material first, before they can take us seriously for making Sonic games.

I’ve been around 4 years, seeing the rise and fall of many sites before, but this is the lowest that the community has sunk to since the Simplenet Crisis back in, what, ’98?

I’ve made my footprints in the grounds of the Sonic Community, and I plan to make many more, but for now, obstacles have blocked my path and I must remove them before I can move on. I will be around to assist others, should they come across the same obstacles as some of us, including myself, have fallen into. So for now, for those who still want access to the message boards and chat rooms, go to and the domain will redirect you to the SU Community. This is Shayne Thames, signing off for now.