SNK Calls it Quits

From IGN: It’s often been said, nowadays, that 2D gaming is dead and despite this attitude, there have been hardy companies still pushing out the 2D love, whether in the form of traditional vertical scrolling 2D shooters, or fast-paced 2D

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Phantasy Star Online Wins Another Award

It appears Sonic Team’s Phantasy Star Online has won yet ANOTHER award! On Sonic Team’s website it shows they have won the BAFTA Interactive Entertainment award. Check it out! BAFTA- Networked Games award

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Space Channel 5 Part 2 Screenshots

Gamespot has a few screenshots of Space Channel 5 Part 2, the sequel to the original Space Channel 5 game. Looks like this may be one of the last good games we will get on Dreamcast. Gamespot: Space Channel 5

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XBOX Kiosk Problems Addressed Again

From Cloudchaser: Stefan just heard this from one of the MS testers…apparently some of the software on the demo discs was accidentally built with an old video library. A conflict between the finished hardware and the old library will, under

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Domestic SA2 Soundtrack in Development

From Anime Nation: TOKYOPOP has officially announced that they will be publishing a domestic version Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack this February. The CD will contain 26 tracks, including exclusive remixes only available on the US soundtrack as well as lyrics

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A Handheld Playstation?

  Yes, it seems someone got fed up with just having a small PSone. Benjamin J. Heckendorn actually created a portable PlayStation! Ben runs an Atari 2600 Portable website which can be found HERE

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The Sonic Foundation Hits a Million Visitors

On Monday, The Sonic Foundation reached the million mark. Kedzie K had this message of thanks: The Foundation did it. It’s hit the 1,000,000-mark. It happened early this morning. Congratulations to Xims for being #1,000,000. I have nothing much to say except

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Acclaim Turns a Profit

From Cloudchaser: Acclaim Entertainment is reporting a profit of $14.5 million for the fiscal year that ended August 31, 2002. This is a huge turn around from last fiscal year, where Acclaim lost a net of $131.7 million. “Fiscal 2001

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European Shenmue II Pre-Orders Open

Shenmue II is still coming to the Dreamcast in Europe, and that means pre-orders are being taken for the game. If you want to get a version of Shenmue II on the Dreamcast, this may be the only route. Head here for

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FGN Online reports that 150-200 employees of Electronic Arts online venture EA.Com will be laid off, in an attempt to make a profit by the time fiscal year 2003 rolls around.

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