Super Monkey Ball to Launch with GameCube – Press Release

Super Monkey Ball to Launch with GameCube – Press Release

by November 7, 2001

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (November 6, 2001) – Sega® of America today announced it will release its highly anticipated “SUPER MONKEY BALL(tm)” game at the launch of the Nintendo GameCube(tm) video game system this November. “Super Monkey Ball” is a fun-filled collection of party and parlor-style action with something for everyone. The game challenges up to four players to maneuver a cute monkey inside a transparent ball through more than 90 action packed levels, plus gamers can challenge friends to a slew of fun-filled multi-player party games! Sound easy? Think again.

“Sega’s first title for the Nintendo GameCube, ‘Super Monkey Ball,’ is proof that Sega is moving toward our goal of becoming the top third party publisher of interactive entertainment,” said Mike Fischer, group director of product marketing, Entertainment division, Sega of America. “As one of the premiere third party launch titles for the Nintendo GameCube in the United States, ‘Super Monkey Ball’ is an example of the breakthrough games consumers will continue to see from Sega.”

In “Super Monkey Ball,” gamers can choose to play as one of four adorable monkeys: Aiai, Meemee, Baby or Gongon, in Main-Game, Party-Game and Mini-Game modes. The Main Game features 10 beginner, 30 advanced and 50 expert levels, challenging players to collect play points while racing through outrageous terrains in an effort to reach the goal without falling off the edge. Play points come in handy as they help players unlock hidden Mini-Games including Monkey Billiards, Monkey Bowling and Monkey Golf. Gamers can also try their hands at one of three exciting Party Games. In Monkey Race, players race laps around bizarre tracks, complete with boost strips and power-ups to hinder their opponents’ progress. Monkey Target invites players to take turns launching off an enormous ramp and trying to land on specific point targets scattered over a variety of islands. Monkey Fight lets players duke it out on floating platforms, knocking each other silly in an effort to become the last monkey standing.

“Super Monkey Ball” for the Nintendo GameCube is rated “E” for “Everyone” and will be in retail stores nationwide November 2001 for a suggested retail price of $49.95.