Sega, Namco, Nintendo to make Joint Arcade Board

Sega, Namco, Nintendo to make Joint Arcade Board

by February 20, 2002

From Cloudchaser:

In a surprising move, Nintendo Co. Ltd announced today that they’ll be developing a GameCube arcade board known as the Triforce with Namco and Sega.

According to Nintendo’s news story this cooperative development will have the following aims.

1. Expansion of the video game market
2. Creation of a high cost-performance game development environment
3. Proposal of a completely new game system to expand play between the home and the arcade

By developing games on the Triforce board, the companies can create graphical excellent products which can be easily brought to GameCube. The Triforce will also allow developers to make arcade games at the fastest possible speeds.

But the most exciting news of all is that a working prototype will be revealed at the February 22 AOU 2002 Amusement Expo at the Makuhari Messe, the same day the Xbox launches in Japan. Looks like Nintendo is going to try and steal some of Microsoft’s hype. Nintendo said that “collaborative development of hardware and software is progressing favorably.”

We’ll have more information when we get it here at TSSZ.