Lik Sang Goods Stopped by US Customs

Lik Sang Goods Stopped by US Customs

by February 24, 2002

Lik Sang has come under fire from U.S. Customs officials as they have stopped shipment of Playstation mod chips to the online import retailer. NEO4s were among the products in the apprehended material, which allows PS2 owners to play DVDs from any region and also allows games copied onto CD-ROMS to be played. Customs agents are now tracking the origin of the MODs according to a UPS spokesman.

Lik Sang has since responded, saying:

In the interim, Lik-Sang is shipping its products through another overnight service until Customs lifts its ban, according to the company source. Once that happens, the retailer will return to UPS.

Lik Sang runs out of Hong Kong.