New Sonic Game and More on the Way

New Sonic Game and More on the Way

by May 19, 2002

Earlier today, Sega held an annual shareholder meeting, in which Tetsua Kayama, Sega Corp’s COO, shed some light on some exciting new bits of information and announcements. Sega fans will undoubtedly be quite delighted. The highlights are as follows:

  • A brand new Sonic the Hedgehog is in development and will launch next year. An entirely new title. No platform mentioned. 
  • A new Shining Force game is in the works. No system was mentioned.
  • A soccer simulation is finally expected to join the Sega Sports brand.
  • A new Sega Rally title coming soon, but oddly enough, no platform mentioned.
  • Sega Sports is going to try and launch their titles on the same day EA does, on all systems.
  • A new game based on Virtua Fighter 4 has been announced, entitled ‘Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution’, for arcades. It will be shown off at the arcade show on une 11th, will feature ‘network capabilities’, and will be released in August. The arcade hardware which it is running on, was not announced.
  • The House of the Dead series will evolve into a ‘horror adventure’ series, and continue after this year’s release of House of the Dead III for the Xbox.

    Sega is working on new arcade boards based on both the PlayStation 2 and XBox (code named Chiro), as well as the GameCube powered Triforce.

Stay tuned at TSSZ and SoaH for even more exciting Sega news, once the E3 begins next week.