New Demo of Bladerunners SX

New Demo of Bladerunners SX

by May 29, 2002

TGF Team has the explanation of what’s new, as posted on the SFGHQ board:

-New menu system: I hated the old one.. These new menus rock though! Thanks to Diablo for the, you’ll see.

-New sprites: I’ve finished adding my hi-res version of Showoff’s sprite to the game, and my own Super Sonic sprite. I think you’ll all like these new sprites better..

-New music: I enjoyed the Metal Harbor music of level 1, but apparently, the rest of you did not. I changed its music back to the olllllld BRSX (ver. 1), as well as changing a few other tunes here and there.

-Lotta’ things fixed / tweaked: there’s less stop dead now, skippable cutscenes, bugs fixed here and there, and the game’s SPEED has been tweaked. It should run faster for all y’all now.

-Last but not least, a new level!!11! ’nuff said.

Let’s see… the Mode 7 stuff doesn’t work in this demo, because I was too lazy to mess with it. ;P If you find a Green Chicken, it will NOT unlock a cheat code yet, and yes – I will get around to fixing that Knux battle…

One last thing – DO NOT play the old demos of BRSX once you download this, as it may screw up the Ring and Chaos Drive counters. Basically, delete all old demos of BRSX. Simple as that. ;P That’s about it.. ENJOY, and submit comments – I need to know if these changes were worth making, or if I should go back to the old style, etc.