Sonic Epoch Canceled

Sonic Epoch Canceled

by June 23, 2002

Sonic Epoch, the highly anticipated Sonic game from Rob, has been cancelled. Rob made the official announcement on Friday, saying:

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that there simply cannot at this time be a completion of Epoch, and thus I put it on as status “binned” until further notice.

The simple matter is, it’s an old engine that requires heavy maintence, and as a side-scroller, there is intense graphical work that needs completion, through hundreds of animation frames for all things.

Me and my primary aid “HedgesMFG” have both entered a stage of life that primarily overloads us…

I will gather up and release the Epoch source code / data files / tools, if someone offers to host them. I’d like to see someone finish / fix-up Epoch, and it’s simply beyond my abilities at this point in time, and probably will be for at least the next 2 years as my consistant work-school schedule will almost definately remain until I can get a degree of sorts and get “real” employment that isn’t 7 hours of hard labor.

My sincerest apologies in breaking many old promises, with some worst feeling that I will have let Rlan down. It’s been a very interesting experience with you all, but I’m afraid there’s not much else that I can do.

HedgesMFG, the co-developer of Epoch, chimed in as well:

Epoch was the most controversial fan game this community has had. It’s graphics, while grainy, and suffering from palette flaws, did pay attention to detail and offered alot of variety in it’s level visuals, and the sprites had alot of animation to them. At the very least…they did their job of capturing the appearence of a Satam episode well…I just hope this isn’t a trend of great SFGs heading towards the bin, but we just had to put it down for now.

Thus far, reaction to the fan community, as one would expect from a self-proclaimed controversial fan game, has been mixed, though the tone has been somewhat mournful. Many fans are sad to see Epoch get the axe, despite the mixed reaction it got at first.