A Different Kind of Fan Game: WaveStorm

A Different Kind of Fan Game: WaveStorm

by June 29, 2002

This is a completely original game by Sonic music composer Jarel Jones; it is a text based mIRC RPG game. Below is the E-Mail description sent to us of WaveStorm by Jarel:

It’s a standard RPG system in execution; Active Time Battle, several different choices of weapons that alter your attack characteristics, and the choice of 8 different Color themes for your magic attacks (which also alter attack power). Levels go up by EXP as usual, but you gain new magic by buying spells in the shop with AP you gain from battle. Even though MP goes up progressively, the buying with AP factor allows you to choose what spell you want to buy when you want it, rather than having to get this spell first then this one next and so on. Gives a little bit of strategy to shopping for magics.

Speaking of spells, I’ll soon be implementing a Chrono Trigger-esque combo system where people can combine spells of different colors to make even more powerful spells. Three people can combine at the max to make some heavy hitters. The system is already in my head; the only thing keeping me from sitting down and coding it is that, due to adding a lot more 1st Tier spells before I put the script out (there were originally 3 spells a color; now there’s 7), I have a lot more possibilities for combo attacks, which means I pretty much have to totally redesign all the current 2nd and 3rd Tier spells. I intend to have about 84 2nd Tier and 50+ 3rd Tier spells. In contrast, there are 7 spells a color and 8 colors, which makes for only 56 1st Tier spells.

This game is also multiplayer. It has to be, to have one-on-one fights, but this script does much more than one-on-one. In Melee mode (the default fighting mode), an infinite number can play. I can tell you from experience that it’s a lot of fun to have 5 or 6 (or 20) people battling it out simultaneously, with no distinctions between teammates or opponents at all. It’s practically an RPG Super Smash Bros. Melee, but with so many more people. Wavestorm also features Team to Team mode which gives you the original RPG feeling of up to 4 on 4 if that floats your boat. Team to Team mode is where 2nd and 3rd Tier spells will really shine.

Another neat aspect is something sort of similar to Power Stone 1 & 2: interactive stages. Various things such as the demolition ball crashing into your floor on the decrepid building, exploding lava from a volcano drenching you, Red Wavestorm magics lighting brushfires in the grass, gravity switching on you in the space station, giant fans in a wind tunnel blowing you down, getting knocked off your motorcycle in mid-fight during the highway stage, and the several different traps littered in the Aztec temple and factory stages give a lot of variety to the fights.

All in all, this script features a lot of things that makes it pretty enjoyable. You need at least mIRC 5.91 preferably (it was coded in 6.01), though no-one’s tested earlier versions yet, so who’s to say it won’t work for you? The official chatroom is #wavestorm on Mysteria(irc.mysteria.net:6667), and the URL to download the script is http://www.dszone.org/Wavestorm/. You can also get the script by going to the chat and typing !wavestormzip (for the ZIP) or
!wavestormexe (for the self-extracting EXE) when I’m in there, and I’ll auto-dcc it to you. Make sure to read the readme extensively.