SonicHacking.Org Vanishes

SonicHacking.Org Vanishes

by August 22, 2002

SonicHacking.Org and its webmaster, Damian Grove, have vanished from the Sonic community.

This follows on the heels of the site being taken down due to what has been referred to as “disciplinary measures.” Specifically, tensions mounted between Grove and Emulation Zone head Andy Wolan and finally spilled over in both the public and private eye.

The SSRG has released a statement, the bottom half of which reads:

To this day, I regret naming Saxman the head of SSRG back in 1999. All he managed to do was undermine the hard work and effort I placed into SSRG for his own benefit. It makes me sick to think that someone whom I trusted and considered a friend would backstab me just so he can MORE fame and MORE power. It’s sad to say that I am glad that Saxman is no longer a member of SSRG, or ZTNET. Saxman has a lot of talent, but it’s sad to hear that he has an ego that undermines his talents.

There is really no need to obtain further information on this story, but if something pops up, we’ll let you know.