TSSZ Fan Fridays – 8/30/2002

TSSZ Fan Fridays – 8/30/2002

by August 30, 2002

Tonight, we’re starting a new weekly feature on TSSZ called Fan Friday. In addition to our usual fan reporting, we’ll wrap up all the week’s major fan news for you in this column, and on the air on Seven’s TSSZ News at 11. Let’s get started.

SFGHQ forumer Shadow has announced Dimension Warped, saying it will have the following:

-Features Sonic and Shadow (Tails and Knuckles considered)
-Wall slides
-Full 3D graphics
-Classic Sonic gameplay
-“Oogles of levels”
-Unique engine
-16 emeralds with unique specialties for each player
-2 emerald induced specialty moves for each character
-Super/hyper forms for each character
-Unique statistics for each character

And Ty returns to the Sonic fan scene and the SFGHQ board to showcase screens from his title first shown at the 3rd SAGE, Sonic Groove. Planned to be featured now in the game are:

-6 Zones, with 3 acts each.
-60 emblems to collect
-A-Life system a la NiGHTS

And from the hacking scene, Nemesis has found at least 4 seperate debug modes in the original Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast, including:


With these, according to him, there also appears to be a seperate debug menu, but that has yet to be fully explored. We’ll follow this up for you.