SSRG in Turmoil

SSRG in Turmoil

by September 6, 2002

After closing SSRG and wiping it out, both Andy Wolan and Stealth have restored the site to its original being, at its original address.

However, Wolan and Stealth have resigned as SSRG heads and both are renouncing the Sonic community “for good,” according to a thread on the SFGHQ Board. It was previously considered that displaced sites on the SSRG would be moved as subsections on a new subdomain, That will no longer be the case, as the SSRG has been restored.

Wolan and Stealth have both asked for no E-Mails to them on the issue.

In the meantime, TomSonic and Ben Geyer (Mystic) will become the new SSRG heads.

Wolan posted a rather stern good-bye message late yesterday:

I want to announce that I am leaving the Sonic Community, effective immediately. Dealing with jerks and retards for the past few years has put so much stress on me that it has affected my health. (I hope you jerks are happy.)

I ask people to not AIM, ICQ, PM or email me in regards to the board, SSRG, hosting requests or Sonic ROM hacking, period. I’m through. The same holds for Stealth as well. Good bye.

With respect to the two former SSRG heads, we will not try to reach either of them for comment on the issue. Regardless, turn to TSSZ for the very latest on the SSRG in turmoil, in particular with TSSZ News at 11, tonight on Seven.