SAGE 2002: Project Mettrix Add-On

SAGE 2002: Project Mettrix Add-On

by September 19, 2002

STJR has posted more projects from Stealth, who recently left the Sonic community in a huff. AJ Freda writes of the download:

In late August, Stealth released several videos of Knuckles and Tails in Green Hill Zone. Now you can play it! Just extract this to your Mettrix directory, and instead of typing:


to run the game, type


Only GHZ1 and GHZ3 are complete.. but to get to GHZ3 you will need to type the following instead:

SONIC SONIC SONIC1 warp 1 3 player1 player2 playmode joystick

player1 – ID number for player 1 (1 or above)
player2 – ID number for player 2 (0 if no player 2)
playmode – 0 for normal play, 1 for time attack (not implemented), 2 for split screen.
joystick – 0 for no joystick, 1 to turn the joystick on.