XBOX Hacker Interviewed

XBOX Hacker Interviewed

by October 28, 2002

Clip from the interview:

What inspired you to hack the Xbox?

I was “inspired” by the challenge it presented in its security system. It was like choosing the red pill and seeing how far down the rabbit hole things went…every time a new part of the Xbox security was mapped out, everyone would look at each other and be like, man, they were really paranoid!

Were you challenged by the Xbox in any way?

Again, see above…the Xbox security was pretty challenging. And the bigger the challenge, the more interesting it is. I haven’t really hacked on the gamecube much, or the PS2, because they don’t present the same level of challenge or personal satisfaction. Well, the PS2’s security has already been cracked, and the gamecube…I think its security is more practical, although less cryptographically sound. The little I know about it indicates that the gamecube uses less crypto and more hardware obscurity to make it more difficult to hack. This is, in my opinion, a superior approach for consoles because the goal is not to create a floating castle with spires and gilded doors, but just a dirt berm high enough to make any illegal operation non-profitable…..”