Broadband ISPs to Support XBOX Live

Broadband ISPs to Support XBOX Live

by October 31, 2002

From IGN:

Microsoft has announced today that ten U.S. and three Canadian broadband providers will officially support Xbox Live. Several of the companies will be launching marketing plans about their Xbox Live support, and you can also look for the “Xbox Compatible” logo to know if the company or one of its plans offers support. Though most broadband services will work with Xbox Live, official support will help make sure your experience is quick and painless. Without further ado, the companies are:

* Bell Canada
* BellSouth Corp.
* Charter Communications Inc.
* Comcast Corp.
* Cox Communications Inc.
* EarthLink Inc.
* MSN(R)
* Qwest Communications
* Rogers Cable Inc.
* SBC Communications Inc.
* TELUS Corp.
* Time Warner Cable’s Road Runner
* Verizon Communications

“‘Xbox Compatible’ service plans help ensure that playing Xbox Live games across these plans will be quick, simple and hassle-free,” Allard said. “Together with ‘Xbox Compatible’ broadband providers, we’re doing the heavy lifting on the service so customers can focus on playing fast-action games…”