Closes Closes

by December 24, 2002

Daniel Russell posted this good-bye message for the site last week:

I’m sorry to say that has been shut down indefinitely for various reasons. Firstly, I no longer have enough time to update the site, as I’m sure regular visitors have noticed in the past few months, due to the pressure of upcoming exams in school. I also do not wish to cause any problems for my server, because I know I must be using up a ton of bandwidth every week. I’m also fed up with people demanding warez off the site – if you want Sonic R or Sonic CD, go down to your local store and pick it up for £5!

I’ve had a great run in the Sonic Community since 1998. For those of you who don’t know, I first entered it with ‘Daniel’s Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Created Games’. After the site was shut down by my ISP, I returned to create ‘Electro Sonic Team’ – bigger, better and bolder than my previous attempt at a website.