Fan Fallout from Moore Resignation

Fan Fallout from Moore Resignation

by January 19, 2003

While reaction to Peter Moore’s resignation has been mixed across the board, at the boards, the general tone was extreme concern. Red Ronin writes:

Back when the rumors were flying that Sega would go third party, and years before that when such was mere wishful thinking by Sega ill-wishers, I had a theory. If Sega were to survive in name by abandoning their hardware and becoming software only in focus, the company would change irreparably. That is, if Sega were to try to become what everyone else was, rather than maintaining their distinct identity, they might survive, and even become more profitable, but not as anything that even remotely resembled the company I fell in love with.

Another way to look at it is that perhaps Sega’s time has come and gone and they should now pass on into eternity. Survival of the fittest and all that rot, you see. No matter the marketing, no matter the advertising, no matter the promotions offered, no matter the quality of hardware or software, it may well be futile to even attempt to save Sega. The market at large, populated by peoples who far outnumber those of us who are “hardcore” videogame fans, has spoken quite clearly. They do not want Sega’s products. If they didn’t want them on Sega CD, or Saturn or Dreamcast, they won’t want them on GAMECUBE, PlayStation 2 or Xbox.

A lot has been said in recent years regarding how Nintendo needed to change, to evolve with the times, rather than focusing so tightly on what was perceived as a narrow market segment within the videogame industry. Perhaps. I must admit I shared those sentiments to some extent. But as a Sega fan I resisted the notion that similar wholesale renovations should take place regarding their philosophy of running a videogame business.

So maybe some changes are in order. Maybe Sega should adopt a more profitable business model. Maybe Sega should swallow some of their pride. Maybe Sega should cut corners here and there. Maybe Sega should throw up their hands and admit that good enough really is more than enough. Maybe. But I don’t think so.

Oh yes, Sega is in dire straits, no doubt. But you know what? I think Sega is a company worth saving. I resist the temptation to give up all hope in their ability to bounce back. I for one would jump at the opportunity to take on the task of bringing them back from the brink. In a battle of the fittest, I would prefer to die trying than simply surrender for the sake of some lowly existence deemed “survival”.

Tails, editor of Sega World Weekly, finds the resignation disappointing:

Sad news indeed. Peter was a regular Sega World Weekly reader, and in fact he often printed it for reading on flights over to Tokyo. I also think he often went through websites and message boards to see what people where saying, but can’t be sure.

Maybe Sega’s time has passed. But I for one believe it has not. Compared to the rest of Sega’s past, the two years they have spent being a 3rd party so far is tiny. I say give them time.

And Hawkmoon notes:

When Bernie Stolar left right before the launch of the Dreamcast it was not a good sign. IMHO, I think the Sega & the DC would be still around if Bernie was still running the show.
While Peter Moore has done well, I think a shift of this type can only mean more bad news for Sega fans. With this news, the rumor of Visual Concepts seems more realistic. I would hate to see it happen as the 2K series of sports games are the best and I would like them to continue to make them for all systems.

There is a lot that Sega could do, but will they? It seems that we know a lot more of what needs to be done than what Sega does.

More reaction tomorrow on tssz|news.