More Problems Arise in Phantasy Star Online

More Problems Arise in Phantasy Star Online

by January 30, 2003

The following information was obtained from PSO World:

Posted by lollipoplolita:

I and another admin, PSOsaladwood called two different Sega Tech Support help numbers today.

The (716)650-6701 Sega Tech Support number we called on the 27th (read Jan 27th news post titled “Sega unaware of FSOD problem?”) now confirms that they are aware of the problem. However, they are not sure what is wrong, nor do they know of any temporary fix for the problem or when there will be a fix for the problem. When asked why they weren’t aware of this problem yesterday, and the help representative said there just wasn’t enough calls coming in, but there have finally been enough today to make an official alert and confirm that this is a wide scaled problem.

The second number, (512) 231-2429, which we called today also confirmed that Sega is now aware of the problem and that they also have no idea why it is happening nor do they know of any fix for it or when the fix will come. The tech support person, Cindy, also cited that they were alerted of the problem yesterday when people began calling. This tech support number is the number that our member thewiredknight called on the 27th. He spoke to a tech support that said that they were aware of the problem then.

Both tech support people asked for memory card and connection type. Both also noted that in their system that we’re representatives of the site. We also said to both of them that a huge number of people from the site have been having problems.

Right now they’re telling us to ask all users with problems to call. They will be collecting information and passing it along to Sega Corporate. So if you’d like to help and can spare calling long distance, call the number in the manual, (716) 650-6701, or (512) 231-2429 or try using the Sega Customer Service Online Form. For those of you that did call after reading our Jan 27th news post about calling ST, thanks a bunch!