Prepping for WiiWare in North America

Prepping for WiiWare in North America

by March 26, 2008

Nintendo WiiNintendo Tells Users to Update Firmware

If you’ve checked your mail on your Wii console lately, you may have noticed there’s a notice from Nintendo urging you to upgrade to the latest firmware, called IOS37.

On the heels of WiiWare’s Japanese launch this week, North American gamers will have to upgrade to this version in order to take advantage of the new service when it launches later this Spring.  Those who have already updated their system after March 21st will not need to do another upgrade.

That’s the good in IOS37, there is some bad.  As with previous firmware updates, Nintendo has patched exploits in the system that allows modding of the system.  Datel’s Freeloader discs will no longer work with the new hardware.  This had previously allowed gamers to boot up import titles on their systems.  Specialists at WiiBrew have said it will take a “considerable amount of effort” to overcome the new hurdles of IOS37.