More to the Outing of Sega’s Security Gaffe?

More to the Outing of Sega’s Security Gaffe?

by April 1, 2008

Cult Head: More When “the Time is Right”

We told you late last week about how Sonic Unleashed was…well, unleashed. While it would be very hard to fathom how a list of private FTP login information can be knocked outside the internal realms of Sega for all to see, it was apparently very easy for Sonic Cult administrator Sazpaimon to publish the details, including the office number of the Sega IT administrator presumed responsible.

Sazpaimon recently addressed more of the rationale behind his decision on a Sonic Stadium thread:

…public humiliation wasn’t my entire intention, I actually had a good reason for doing it, which I wish I could tell you, because it’d make you all hate SoA even more than you already do, but I’m keeping it under wraps until the time is right.

Adding to this perhaps loaded nature of this comment is a second one we found, also by Sazpaimon, over on Sonic Retro, responding to concerns as to whether Sega may go after Sonic Cult over the leaked materials:

It wouldn’t be the first time their legal team contacted us for something.

There’s no telling when the “right” time will be, but we’ve sent an E-Mail over to Sazpaimon to see if we can find anything out.  If we hear back, or there are any new developments on this front, we’ll have it here.