Unused Sonic Pocket Intro Unearthed

Unused Sonic Pocket Intro Unearthed

by April 13, 2008

Sonic Retro member finds Old Gem

A Sonic Pocket Adventure demo speculated to be in existence since 2006 has come back into focus again on the Sonic Retro forums, where Mdm9723 has claimed to have found some new pieces that didn’t make into the final NeoGeo Pocket version.

What follows below is the YouTube link to that intro.  It was only shown in what’s believed to be a store demo which only had one level and one special stage available for play.

The source is unknown at the moment.  However, the forum thread that’s analyzing this discovery shows some neat little trinkets.  Among them, news that the scrolling Japanese reads: Finally… A Supersonic action game… on the Neo Geo Pocket! Why the intro didn’t make the final cut is unknown, though it’s speculated it’s due to the immense file size the music accompanying this intro ate up too much space.