Sonic Chronicles: Nintendo Media Summit Impressions

Sonic Chronicles: Nintendo Media Summit Impressions

by April 15, 2008

Upcoming DS Title “Charming”

Now that the media embargo has been lifted on last week’s Nintendo Media Summit, the major media can speak to what’s there. Sonic Chronicles from Bioware evidently was a part of that summit, and Kotaku was able to play an early copy.

Calling the game “very charming,” we won’t spoil the whole impression for you, but we want to share this trinket concerning the game about its control–it appears the whole thing will follow a DS stylus mechanic:

The game is almost entirely stylus controlled, with Sonic (or whomever you’re playing) following touchscreen taps and drags. Context sensitive pop-up actions will appear at certain points, letting the player enter doors, sprint through corkscrews or cross gaps. Some are character or ability specific, requiring the use of a flying Rouge the Bat, for example.

Most things we already reported on Kotaku affirms, such as the turn-based RPG element and that this will be an RPG in its most classic form, stats and all.