Nintendo Power: “Significant” Changes for Sonic Unleashed Wii

Nintendo Power: “Significant” Changes for Sonic Unleashed Wii

by April 29, 2008

Level Changes, Rush / Rush Adventure Team Involved

The latest issue of Nintendo Power is out and with it we have some new information on the Wii specific edition of Sonic Unleashed.

According to Sega of America’s Patrick Riley, who spoke on the record for NP, the Wii version of Unleashed will be more centric to the console’s controls and setup:

First, the gameplay will be changed, tuned, and balanced specifically for the Wii. Secondly, the levels will be different, designed specifically for the Wii version. Fans who like to see Sonic on Nintendo platforms will be excited to know that the team who developed Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure has played an integral role in creating the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed.

RIley goes on to comment that a separate development team has been assigned to work solely on the Wii version. Nintendo Power confirms that most shots that we’ve seen lately are from the Playstation 3 and the XBOX 360, and that nothing released yet is Wii related.

We’ve uploaded some scans of the NP story, withh thanks to K2J at the Sonic Retro forums. You’ll get a peek of some never before seen artwork.

This alteration is a major development in the progress of Unleashed that’s sure to get the fan community talking. We’ll keep tab of all developments and reaction.