Sonic City To Make A Comeback?

Sonic City To Make A Comeback?

by April 29, 2008

New and improved Sonic City website version is promised on the UK Sega Blog…

Most of you likely have already noticed that the official Sonic Europe website, Sonic City, has been closed for maintenance for a good while now. It appears the interest in A Race To Name poll was most of the cause for the sudden shut-down, as was explained on the Sonic City Blognik today:

The second however relates to what will essentially be Sonic City 3.0, yeahh, since A Race To Name interest broke Sonic City and took out a rather large sway of in the resulting explosion, SC has been offline. Whoops, perhaps A Race To Name wasn’t that good an idea of mine after all! ^_^*

ArchangelUK promises a new and improved Sonic City soon, featuring a new layout, comics and cartoon info, and lost characters/games sections among other additions. Keep visiting TSSZ News’s Sonic Scene for more information on the re-opening of the website.