First @ TSSZ: Birdo, Donkey Kong Ejected from M&S Olympics

First @ TSSZ: Birdo, Donkey Kong Ejected from M&S Olympics

by May 16, 2008

New Hacks Uncover Nintendo Chars Lost

We had previously speculated whether, to go along with the set of Sonic characters that were not a part of the finished Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, a few mainstays from the Mario franchise also got the ax.  This afternoon, TSSZ News is the first on the Web to confirm that at least two primary characters from the Nintendo world were also a part of that cut.

We have also looked into the potential that the original news of both Sonic and Nintendo franchise characters may have originally been uncovered by an X Cult member.  The news of the Nintendo cuts did, in fact, come from X Cult member Link, who clarified what exactly was omitted from the M&S final product on the Sonic Retro forums:

Big is not actually cut. If you look around, he’s sometimes in the background. What I wondered about: as Big was always near the public I thought he’d be a 2d sprite like everything else. Still you cannot count him as cut, all I did was accidently using his character ids (ids posted at x-cult) and I saw whoops, it’s a 3d model… screenshots for those not looking at X-Cult are at

For Birdo, DK, Jet and Silver – I assume those were planned as playable – just dropped in the end. THey even have a limited animation set, so Jet for example is well enough animated to be usable in 100 meters or so – the judges (Lakito, Shy Guy, Toad, Cream, Espio, Charmy) however seem that they were never intended to be playable they lack very very many animations and for example in trampoline they can jump and fall right through when coming down – the Goomba strangely works! 

We will provide some of those relevant screenshots here on TSSZ News later this evening.