New Sonic Chronicles Playable Characters, Plot Details

New Sonic Chronicles Playable Characters, Plot Details

by June 9, 2008

Shade and E-123 will join the ranks as playable characters… has recently added a new preview of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood featuring a few new details on the upcoming Nintendo DS RPG. Most of the new article mostly updates us on recently revealed information, though it does go into more detail on how Chao will be used and found during gameplay. Each area will hide a number of Chao eggs to find when exploring with the stylus movement. Besides equipping the Chao to modify stats and place in the Chao garden, you’ll also be able to swap them via Wi-Fi link with a friend.

The newest Sonic character, Shade (appearing on the box art with Sonic) will indeed be playable along with E-123 Omega.

Icons will also be shown above or next to specific areas when exploring, which by switching characters, you’ll be able to use their specific skill. Winged icons will allow Tails and Rouge to get to higher reaches, Shadow will be able to teleport and Knuckles can climb ladders (I hope others can do such a simple task as climbing a ladder too).

New information on the storyline has also been revealed, which it is now known that G.U.N. (first making a appearance in Sonic Adventure 2) will enlist Sonic and friends to find Knuckles (who disappeared while protecting Chaos Emeralds). Beings from an alternative dimension, the Zoah, come into play soon after.