Breaking: Sonic Unleashed Interview with Patrick Riley

Breaking: Sonic Unleashed Interview with Patrick Riley

by July 15, 2008

Day and Night Easily Switchable, Were-Sonic Revealed Soon

Joystiq has minutes ago put up a new interview with Patrick Riley, the US producer for Sonic Unleashed.  We’ll have full details of the interview along with analysis later today during our E3 coverage on the web and on the SonicEatsRings Ringcast, but in the interim, here’s the information from it you need to know:

  • Riley calls the opening FMV for Unleashed the “coolest ever,” and says it will reveal how the Were-Sonic persona develops.  Were-Sonic and his stages will be formally revealed at E3, presumably later today.
  • It will be easy to switch between most day and night stage iterations.  That means if you don’t want to play as Were-Sonic, you don’t necessarily have to.  However, Riley notes that some areas of stages will be specifically built for day and night, and time won’t pass in these areas.  That means, in some instances, the use of Were-Sonic will be required.
  • Unlockable mini-stages will be available, in addition to the main day/night stages.
  • Riley says the game consists of “99% Sonic in his two forms.” Other characters will be in mini-games and what Riley calls “short sections” of the game.
  • Were-Sonic has his own fighting combat system with “dozens” of combos, including grabbing and throwing.
  • Boss battles will switch off between Sonic’s daytime form and Were-Sonic’s nighttime combat form.
  • There will be no material exclusive to one single console. This contradicts earlier reports of there potentially being two additional levels for the XBOX360 and PS3 version.
  • A playable demo is on the way before the game’s release. There’s no telling on which console the demo will pop up, or if there will be a release on multiple consoles.

We expect there to be much more information released on Sonic Unleashed as the day goes on.  Stay with TSSZ News for the latest.