E3 2008: Shenmue III Not Happening

E3 2008: Shenmue III Not Happening

by July 16, 2008

Seaman 2 Also Not Coming Stateside

We found a bit of a noteworthy interview involving Sega of America’s president Simon Jeffery.  He has officially quashed any and all rumors about a potential next installment in the Shenmue franchise.

When asked if Shenmue III was on the way, Jeffery told reporters succinctly, “there are no plans for it right now.”

That is a better glimmer of hope than Seaman 2 gets, however.  When asked if the game would be released domestically, Jaffry simply said “no.”  You may remember that Seaman 2 got a Playstation 2 release in Japan only.

So, the hope is there for Shenmue fans, but it is dwindling fast.