FIRST @ TSSZ: New Chars, Online Confirmed for Unleashed

FIRST @ TSSZ: New Chars, Online Confirmed for Unleashed

by July 16, 2008

UPDATE: Watch the Unleashed, Chronicles Demo Again

4:30PM Update: We have below the streaming demo of Sonic Unleashed, from which the first half of all the information below it is derived from.

We can now confirm from the playable demo we’re watching now the following:

  • XBOX360 demo being shown, still in “alpha” mode
  • Tails, Knuckles and Shadow are confirmed characters in Sonic Unleashed. No comment on whether they are playable within the main game.
  • 50/50 ratio between daytime and nighttime levels
  • Remix of classic Sonic levels possible
  • There will be an online component to the game.  No word on to what extent.
  • Still some framerate issues with the demo
  • Level with Were-Sonic demoed, platform/combat mix
  • Can take up to 10 minutes to finish a daytime level
  • Alternate paths confirmed
  • Controls feel “good”, easy to pick up
  • Exploration on use of rings, chaos emeralds in classic style being explored
  • Wii version to make use of Wiimote control elements
  • November 2008 Release Date Confirmed

On Sonic Chronicles:

  • Traditional Bioware style RPG
  • “All of the Sonic family” a part of it, Cream the Rabbit confirmed as character
  • Ability to switch between certain characters in the party outside of combat
  • E-102 Gamma confirmed as playable character
  • Turn based RPG combat with some real-time elements
  • New race of characters being created for the franchise
  • Wi-fi within the game, to be announced in the “future”
  • “Revival rings” can revive fallen party members in combat
  • On or about 10 playable characters in total planned. Some of the characters are “off the critical path,” ensuring the need for exploration
  • “Skill tree” will allow character improvement and build-up after each combat round
  • Will utilize stylus and touchscreen elements for real-time elements in combat.  Blue circles will pop up.  Tapping them will either yield stronger attacks or make characters escape an enemy attack.
  • Saving enabled at any point in the game
  • 25-30 hour gameplay for basic fans, 40 hours for RPG enthusiasts
  • Extra content after the game, no comment yet
  • Fall 2008 release, no concrete month yet

4:30PM Update: And here’s the Sonic Chronicles demo again if you missed it:

We will have a full wrap-up of the new developments all this afternoon.