Sonic Chronicles Playtest: The Full Details

Sonic Chronicles Playtest: The Full Details

by July 16, 2008

Everything the Video Shows, Plus a Link to the Trailer

If you missed it, we have the link to Gamespot’s E3 playtest now streaming on our site.  If you don’t want to see all 15 minutes of it, however (we admit the interview portion is mighty painful), here’s all you need to know from it.  We reserve the right to update this, as we may find new trinkets within the video.
The company confirms it is a Nintendo DS exclusive, and Sega also confirmed the RPG will be in a traditional Bioware style.

Sega confirms the game will be in a traditional Bioware RPG style.  For those unaware of what that means in terms of gameplay, you can expect, if you’re a casual or first time RPG player, a twenty-five to thirty hour gameplay span on Sonic Chronicles.  If you’re more hardcore and elect to play some side quests, that number jumps to about forty hours.

You may want to engage in those side quests, though, because Sega’s rep confirmed today that there will be a playable roster of about 10 characters, and we can confirm two new characters joining Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Rouge, and Big the Cat–an E model, and Cream the Rabbit.  That gives us nine–you have to wonder who the tenth is.  There’s no clues about that just yet.

Now, we’ve gotten some conflicting reports as to whether the playable E model is E-102 Gamma or the Omega model.  We’ll need to double check that, but we will get our facts straight on that shortly.

Sega’s rep did say that some of these characters are only accessible through side quests and other means of exploration.

In addition, Sega has confirmed that a new breed of characters are being created and introduced into the Sonic family beginning with this franchise.  Yesterday we had news on a character named Kron, but he was an enemy warrior, and he looked to have a lot of HP.  This may or may not have something to do with the new characters being developed.  We’ll have to keep our tabs on what comes out and bring you up to date on the web when we get new information.

Now, to some of the core mechanics of the game.  You will be able to switch between party characters outside of combat.  Such a thing will be required at points within the game.  Sega rattled some examples; including Sonic’s ability to loop-de-loop, Tails’s ability to fly across areas, and Knuckles’s brute strength to break objects.

As to the combat itself, it will be turn based, with some real-time elements, much of it triggered by the DS touchscreen and stylus.  In short, a blue circle will appear on the screen when a real-time event can be triggered.  Touch it, and you’ll be able to do such things as up your attack strength, or dodge enemy fire.

Once combat is over, you’ll gain experience points, and that will go toward what’s being dubbed a “Skill tree,” which can be applied to the buildup of each character’s strength and ability.

Over the course of the game you’ll also be able to get Revival Rings.  Those rings can bring back to life and heal a fallen party member in the middle of combat.

Sega did confirm there will be a Wi-fi component in Sonic Chronicles, much like how there will be an online component in Sonic Unleashed.  However, like the few details on the execution in Unleashed, we don’t know anything more about how Wi-fi will be done.  But we know it’s in, and we’ll keep track of how that will pan out.

Here’s another nice touch–saving will be allowed at any point in the game, according to Sega.  They had firm “no comments” on the possibility of unlocking extra content once beating the game, and no firm answer either on when the game would be released exactly.

Sonic Chronicles is still on track for release sometime during this Fall quarter.

We’ll have more, as always, on Sonic Chronicles when we get new information.