SoA Prez Dodges Sonic iPhone Question

SoA Prez Dodges Sonic iPhone Question

by July 17, 2008

Believes iPhone is as Powerful as Dreamcast

Kotaku’s E3 interview with Sega of America president Simon Jeffery revealed several key components of the company’s future strategy.

Above all else, Mr. Jeffrey noted that Apple wanted Sega on board with its games for the App Store from day one, remarking on how successful Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone has been thus far.

But when Brian Crecente turned up the heat and asked whether a Sonic game was coming for the iPhone, Mr. Jeffery stumbled a bit and couldn’t say much of anything about it.  Asked about whether other franchises were being considered, he dropped the revelation that the iPhone is about as powerful (if not more so) as the Dreamcast.  It make Kotaku staff wonder whether Dreamcast games can be ported over, and…well, see the interview for yourself.  (We can’t figure out how to embed it here…yet.)