Sonic Unleashed Impressions from Camp Sonic

Sonic Unleashed Impressions from Camp Sonic

by July 18, 2008

Sonic Unleashed LogoReport: No Online Multiplayer

Taking us a little bit by surprise (in a good way,) we got a news tip in from our friends at affiliate Camp Sonic, who told us they had writer James Pikover on the E3 show floor to demo Sonic Unleashed.

His impressions are here.  You’ll note at the end that James says no online multiplayer is planned.  We had confirmed First @ TSSZ that Sega was working on some online component for the game, though what that entails is still unknown.  He also reports that the Wii version will allow use of the Gamecube or Classic Controller, in addition to the motion controlled Wiimote.  The article also debunks the fear that arose this week when Shadow the Hedgehog was confirmed to be in the game by saying other characters in the Sonic universe are limited to mini-games only.

A small excerpt of his impressions:

With Sonic running so fast much of the time, the problem previous titles had was that people couldn’t keep up because the game wasn’t accommodating to them. It simply let sonic run along and players were left wondering what was going on. Not anymore. Now when Sonic runs at the speed of sound, the camera goes into 2-D mode, either from a side angle (as we’ve seen in the trailers) or from behind Sonic. When looking at Sonic from behind, the controls switch from using the left analog stick for movement to using the right and left bumpers (on the 360 version) to perform “quick steps”.