Don’t Believe In Shenmue 3

Don’t Believe In Shenmue 3

by July 31, 2008

“Shenmue 3, Believe” in Edge Magazine proved false… fans still have hope!

I ran to the shops this afternoon in my lunch break, in the poaring rain no less, all for you TSSZ News readers. I was exhausted, sodden and when I finally reached the book store, picked up the new copy of Edge and turned to the back page I was disappointed too. There were no words of ‘Shenmue 3, Believe” hidden in the pages of a mocked up note pad. The note pad was real enough but nothing else. Believe me, I looked, a lot! This folks is why I posted the story as a Rumor in the first place already bracing myself for the small glimmer of hope about the Shenmue sequel to be destroyed.

While some, like myself, have abandoned all hope there are still others who think thie preview page in Edge magazine could still link in with Shenmue somehow. “2ndopp” who posted in the comments section of the rumor story has posted a picture and says:

“I made this image so you guys can compare and draw your own conclusions ;p The left side is the last page of the magazine, the right is Ryo’s notebook. It’s true, at E3 Sega of America president did say there were “No plans for Shenmue III as of now”. But no one asked the if they were bringing back Shenmue I or II, something many fans of Shenmue believe must happen first.”

The image in question:

Hmmm… as always, let us know what you think in the comments box below.