Own a Pair of Sonic Shoes

Own a Pair of Sonic Shoes

by July 31, 2008

Sonic ShoesSuper Sonic Speed not Guaranteed

EBay has been a treasure trove of Sonic memorbilia over the years.  Anything from old comics to plushies to rare music CDs have been found on the electronic marketplace, ready for fans to bid or buy.

So, it was inevitable that we find this entry, advertising a custom job on a pair of shoes in Sonic style.  From the image here, it seems they’ve got the design right on track.  The seller claims it to be Sonic Adventure 2 inspired, and removable wheels are available, as well as…grind plates.  That’s right–you too can live the dream of grinding like Sonic anywhere and everywhere.

The catch?  The shoes take two weeks to make, and at the bare minimum, they come in at a $100 bid…or you can “Buy it Now” for $150, with $12 shipping costs.  Is it worth it?  If they help you run…maybe.