Sonic Unleashed: New Wii Screens + New Character Info

Sonic Unleashed: New Wii Screens + New Character Info

by August 10, 2008

Sonic Unleashed LogoNew Character Tip/Chip shown in Dengeki Magazine and some new Unleashed Wii Screens

Over on the Sega Nerds Forum a member named STORM! has aqquired the Dengeki Magazine featuring the first chapter of the Sonic Unleashed storyline. The beginning of the comic depicts the opening cinematic in the game with Sonic attacking Eggman’s new base but being turned into the Werehog and falling back to earth. Things take a turn for the strange though as in the next scanned images of the magazine Sonic is already being followed by the Tip/Chip (The proper translation of the name is yet to be outed).

Tip/Chip appears to be a small chihuahua with fairy like wings who is apparently able to fly. The character seems to be the comic element of the pairing after being shot in the face by two ice creme cones. I swear I’m not making this up! Also in the strip features a human looking character (The Ice creme salesman). he stands out for his overly cartoon style as opposed to the Anime style of previous human Sonic character like Princess Elise. Obviously, there’s no news on if either character will appear in Sonic Unleashed the game or if they are exclusive to the Manga adaptation.

Also scanned by STORM! are two pages of a different magazine featuring Wii screenshots of Sonic Unleashed, or Sonic World Adventure as it’s being called in Japan. No new levels are shown but it does appear to show 2D and 3D gameplay with the Rush feature intact. Both scans can be found below but be sure to check out this link to see the rest of the Dengeki Magazine scans.