Fan Shows How Next-Gen Sonic Should Look

Fan Shows How Next-Gen Sonic Should Look

by August 15, 2008

Mocked-up screenshot shows the best looking Next-Gen Sonic ever, in 2D

Another quick story from me today. While browsing the internet I stumbled across the deviantART page of an artist called Orioto. What I saw almost brought tears to my eyes. He’s created a mock-up of how Sonic should look in a next-gen game, in a glorious 2D perspective.

I must admit to being very excited at seeing the early trailer for Sonic Unleashed showing mostly 2D gameplay as I believe Sonic works best on a 2d plane. Orioto agrees with me and has produced a stunning piece of art that Sega needs to take a note of.

Simply entitled ‘Green Hill Zone’ the scene depicts a Sonic 3 style Sonic running through a fantastic looking realistic version of the classic stage. Complete with Badniks and Rings, a waterfall in the background and lush vegitation the scene looks stuning but also is very closely linked to the style of the old games.

Orioto gives a little insight into the scene:

I was checking a really cool project of Sonic HD remake, [link] and it give me the idea to take a shot! I took a remade sprite from the project for the base sprite (but i reshaded it), but the real long work (some 10 hours) came from the mat painting background. All is done from many many little pieces of Photo, even the palm trees are drawn and textured with photo elements.

As good as Unleashed looks I think a game in this style would look better. What do you lot think?