Sonic Unleashed To Feature Brazil Stage, Tornado Possibly Returns

Sonic Unleashed To Feature Brazil Stage, Tornado Possibly Returns

by August 16, 2008

Tails to pilot the Tornado, 5-minute CG intro movie, other new details inside…

Brazilian video game website GameStart recently had a interview with Sonic Unleashed producer Patrick Riley, quite a few new details on the game have been revealed. The biggest details from the interview were regarding Tails, who’ll pilot Sonic onroute to other locations around the world. Considering the planet will be broken up into pieces, Tails will likely once again take control of his trusty plane, the Tornado, to get Sonic to each location. Gameplay could likely play similar to the Tornado levels in Sonic Adventure, which featured gameplay much like the Panzer Dragoon series.

Patrick Riley also confirmed Brazil as a playable level. He mentions that locations in the game will not be accurately identical to places in the real world, but will have similarities in relation to geography of certain places. It has also once again been confirmed that Sonic Unleashed will not have online gameplay, the game will specifically be a single player game.

We have heard about the opening cg intro movie many times, how it’ll feature the end of a ongoing story similar to how the Indiana Jones movies usually start. What has now been revealed is that the opening movie will be around five minutes in length. New details have also been revealed regarding a sufficiently different enemy then Dr. Eggman. This new enemy and its armies are said to give Sonic his biggest challenge throughout the game.

Thanks to StarWolfX from the SSMB for the heads up on the new interview. Click here to check out the original Patrick Riley interview with GameStart, or check below for Antonio Felix of Sonic Palace for his excellent translation of the interview:


Patrick Riley, SEGA producer, talks with GameStart about the expectations around the new Sonic game, Sonic Unleashed.

By Rodrigo Brasiliense in August 14, 2008.

Most people guessed our riddle during the last interview, but for those who didn’t pay attention on the words, here’s our answer: Sonic The Hedgehog.

That’s right, the fastest hedgehog of the universe decided to make an exclusive stop here in the GameStart to promote his new and apparently amazing adventure: Sonic Unleashed. As spokesman of the interview has been designated Patrick Hiley (photo by the side), producer of the new title of the Blue Sega hero, who answered everything you always wanted to know about the game.

It’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t know one of the most famous mascots of the history of the games since 1990, but if you’re one of these, know that Sonic is considered the only characther who matched in popularity with the almighty Mario from Nintendo, carrying out(*1) ten of games and even making especial participations in games which are not from Sega, such as Super Smash Bros Brawl.

With no more delay(*2), check out our interview, before the hedgehog goes running away:

GameStart: How do you plan to balance the Sonic Unleashed gameplay? Do you plan focus in the speed or we can count with the classic platform style like in 16-bits era?

Patrick Riley: Our goal is bring the best of the two worlds. The day-time gameplay will be highly based on the speed, but it will have segments of the stages which the platform gameplay will be necessary. On the other hand, the night-time stages will make enough use of the platform style, as you jump and swing by the environments(*3).

It was said no one else characther would be playable in the game. Is that true? Or can we expect for others speed-based characthers like Shadow the Hedgehog or Blaze the Cat?

The main game focus will only be Sonic, as in his super-fast day-time form, as in his Werehog brutal-form. There are also small parts of the game which you’ll play as Tails piloting for Sonic route to other parts of the world and fighting enemies that attack them, but that’s all.

And what about the day and night mechanic? What more can you say about the way that it’ll affect the stages and Sonic skills?

Sonic will become a Werehog during the night and will be controled as a totally different way. The day-time gameplay is based on the classic Sonic style, but with a lot of new skills which exceed all the limits. However at night he’ll need to face groups of enemies with an arsenal of blows. He also will can use his arms which reach far to move around the environments, swinging by poles, grasping eaves, jumping, destroying everything in his way and using his super strengh to push objects and obstacles.

The fact of Sonic be running around real places of our world is something never seen before in the series. Can you tell some other places where he’ll pass by? Any chance he comes to Brazil?

The places that Sonic visits aren’t exactly identical to the places of our world. But as well as ficticious places like Metropolis and Gotham, you can notice strong similarities in relation of the geography of certain places. We’ll talk more about some places according to the game release date approaches, while some will remain in secret for players find out by their own. About the Brazil question, there’s a stage in especial which can represents some parts of your country, but of course, the Brazil is very big and have all the types of landscapes.

It could be said then Sonic is coming back to the glory of the past with this new game? What do you think that will detach the game in comparison with the others?

Absolutely, Hashimoto-san e all the team look for surpass all the past Sonic titles, including the first ones realeased in Genesis(*4). What makes Sonic Unleashed different will be three primary aspects. In first place, the evolution of the gameplay based on speed, including the classics side-scrollers parts in 2.5D [3D background with 2D gameplay], as well as the speed powers for Sonic put in use. In second, the Werehog transformation, which allows him face his enemies by a robust combat system, as well as explore its outskirts as a platform game, without being a speed one. And in third, with the new Hedgehog Engline, the backgrounds and the layout will be beautiful!

Do you also intend to go for the on-line gameplay? Sonic Unleashed will have any kind of multiplayer or even mini-games?

There won’t be online gameplay. On the opposite, the game is being created specifically as a single-player experience.

What about the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed, the game will make use of the exclusive capacities of the console (movement sensor, etc.)?

Yes, the Wii controls, as well for day and night, have been remaked for make use of Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Our strategy of separated studios allowed us to create the game specifically for this type of control, instead of just adapt a game for PS3/360 for the Wii.

What about the story of the game, this new Sonic will have a narrative and a strong story as the last ones or you just plan something more simple as the 90 years era?

It will really have a narrative which Sonic tries to save the world, but it’s up to the player if he wants to know about this. If they like the village part, they will also can talk with the people and make parallel quests. If they want to jump direct to the action, There’s also a way to. I also would like to mention the openning of the game. It’s pre-rendenized and it has five minutes, it’s absolutely amazing – the best Sonic movie i’ve ever seen. It starts at the end of one of the old Sonic’s adventures, then you already start in action, similar to the movie “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers“.

The game will be strictly linear or the player will be able to find out differents routes in proportion he advances by the story?

The progession through the differents areas will be basically linear. But the players will be able to unlock contents from the previous stages and go back to explore it how much they want.

To finish, what will be the higher challenge that Sonic will need to face in this new game?

Sonic will face a very different enemy than his previous, Dr. Eggman. This enemy and his armies will compose the higher challenge of Sonic in the game. He’ll also must face new challenges which he never faced before during the night-time stages.

Mr. Riley, thank you very much for the attention given for GameStart and the brazilian Sonic fans.