UK IGN’s Impressions of Sonic Unleashed

UK IGN’s Impressions of Sonic Unleashed

by August 20, 2008

From abysmal framerate to the stretchy-armed Werehog, IGN UK isn’t impressed…

A lot of big name video game websites had a chance to test out Sonic Unleashed at Leipzig Games Convention in Germany, IGN UK was one that didn’t come away with positive feelings towards the title. Playing the Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed, the biggest complaint from IGN was the game’s framerate, which is mentioned to hover below 30 frames at certain points during the gameplay.

The framerate just can’t keep up with all that’s being thrown on the screen and it tanks far below 30 frames more often than it can stay there or above it. There’s hope for the game being 60 frames per second at the start of a level, but once the camera swoops in to look at the lay of the land in front of you…it kicks to 30 and below. And that becomes incredibly noticeable when Sonic’s zipping at light speed and the screen refresh chunks up so bad it’s nearly unwatchable.

Besides the complaint about the game’s choppiness and framerate issues, IGN UK doesn’t specifically fault the actual gameplay of Sonic Unleashed. It seems the writer decided the framerate and how he thought the Werehog’s stretchy arms looked silly were the biggest faults of the game. Check out the full article over at IGN UK.