Unleashed at Leipzig: Humans spotted

Unleashed at Leipzig: Humans spotted

by August 20, 2008

Gamevideos.com cam footage shows the first very brief glimpse of Sonic Unleashed’s Human NPCs

As Leipzig continues and more outlets continue to play through the hands-on demo, more off-screen footage of Sonic Unleashed begins appearing. The latest is from GameVideos.com, a subsidary of 1up.com, providing a much clearer look at the Mynokos level. However, those with an eagle eye will catch a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it glimpse at a human NPC standing near the start of the level trying to flag Sonic down.

Though difficult to tell as Sonic quickly accelerates past the character, it does appear that he is stylized more like a cartoon character rather than a realistic human. A number of other human NPCs appear just a few feet away from him on the other side of the road, though by then Sonic is moving too quickly to make out much detail.

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