SAGE ’08: Jun Senoue stops by!

SAGE ’08: Jun Senoue stops by!

by August 23, 2008

Jun Senoue makes a surprise IRC appearance at SAGE 2008!

Moments ago, many were surprised to find a special guest appear in the #sagexpo IRC chat: Jun Senoue. Jun Senoue is one of the sound and music producers currently working on current Sonic games (and, specifically, he is the vocal coordinator for Jaret Reddick who sings the Sonic Unleashed theme, “Endless Possibility”), and Shadix had mentioned there was a possibility he would stop by if he had the time.

Though it was only for about 30 minutes, Jun took what few questions he could from his studio in Tokyo, Japan. Tweaker, author of the ROM Hack Sonic MegaMix, asked him about an incident a pair of fans (Shade and HeranBago) had when they met Jun Senoue at VideoGames Live! in San Francisco last year. At VG:Live!, Shade and HeranBago reportedly showed Jun Senoue a ROM of Sonic Crackers running on a PSP, elicting the musician to audibly shout “CRACKERS?!” at the pair. When Tweaker asked Jun about his reaction, he clarified that while he did not work on Sonic Crackers, he did have an opportunity to play a physical copy of the game sometime in the 1990’s, and seeing it again, running on the PSP, surprised him.

Tweaker also asked about his name appearing in the credits of Knuckles Chaotix, something that puzzled Jun. Jun claimed he never did any music for Knuckles Chaotix, but admitted that it had been so long, perhaps he did contribute a short song, like a jingle, to the project. In addition, a third question from Tweaker, about an unused song discovered in Sonic 3D Blast, had to remain unanswered, as Jun said he was not allowed to comment on why it was cut. He did, however, mention that he had a considerable amount of leftover music that had to be cut from the original Sonic Adventure, including an alternate version of Dr. Eggman’s Theme.

Though that question signaled the end of Jun Senoue’s time, before leaving, he urged everybody to post any further questions they had on the forums for his fansite or on his MySpace Page, saying he would try to answer them if at all possible.