First @ TSSZ: Eggman Confirmed as Playable in Chronicles

First @ TSSZ: Eggman Confirmed as Playable in Chronicles

by September 6, 2008

Sonic ChroniclesVideo proof confirms Eggman as final playable character in Sonic Chronicles

In a case of ‘blink or you’ll miss it’ Dr Eggman has been spotted as a playable character in Sonic Chronicles.  Recently on the Chronicles website some mini games have been added. Complete the minigames in the time allowed and you’re treated to some exclusive gameplay footage.

Cast your eye on this YouTube Video. Among other things it shows Sonic and the gang at a construction site, Tails and Rouge flying over a bridge to press separate buttons which lower a bridge and Amy raising some stairs. It’s this last part you need to watch carefully as the rest of the party jump over a gap to the bottom of the stairs. Like I said earlier, blink and you’ll miss it but a member of the party appears to be Dr Eggman!

UPDATE from Tristan 09.07 2AM ET: We’ve attached a bit of photographic evidence from the YouTube video in question below.  It’s a little fuzzy but if you can make out the outfit, it’s pretty clear Eggman’s in the party.  We’ll have more details soon.

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