Interview: Online DLC Being Considered for Unleashed

Interview: Online DLC Being Considered for Unleashed

by September 11, 2008

Tornado Minigame in the Works

A new interview between Sonic Team director Yoshihisa Hashimoto and Gamespot Australia clarifies some details on what to expect with the upcoming Sonic Unleashed, and continues to contradict previous news reports.

Calling Unleashed “the grand sum of all Sonic the Hedgehog games,” Hashimoto told Gamespot that the ratio of day to night–and, in turn, Sonic to Werehog gameplay–is now 60:40.  Further, Tails will make an appearance, as will the Tornado aircraft.  Players will be treated to a minigame involving the Tornado.

With regard to online play, Hashimoto again affirmed no online multiplayer plans for the title.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be some online involvement, however–and it could be more significant than anyone realized:

We have no plans for online or multiplayer. However, in the future we may consider the possibility of additional maps via online if there is the demand.

In one component of the interview, Hashimoto said that he is confident the Werehog gameplay will be welcomed because the “big picture” in Sonic Unleashed is on firm ground:

One of our aims with the Werehog is to approach those who love action games but never played Sonic. This will be an easy introduction to deliver them with Sonic’s charm. And another is to provide original big fans of Sonic with fresh plays with the Werehog and to make them love him even more. We can do this big challenge because we have confidence in the contents of Sonic the Hedgehog’s adventure this time.

We will continue to follow developments on Sonic Unleashed right up to launch day.