Sonic Unleashed Featured in Latest Nintendo Power

Sonic Unleashed Featured in Latest Nintendo Power

by September 20, 2008

Nintendo Power has a brand new 3-page feature on Sonic Unleashed, full scans inside…

Nintendo Power’s November 2008 issue has a brand new 3-page feature on the Nintendo Wii version of Sonic Unleashed, giving out more details on exactly how we’ll control both Sonic and his Werehog version. The new preview goes into detail with the CG intro movie, mentioning how Eggman traps Sonic while sucking energy out of the Chaos Emeralds. He uses the power to fire a superweapon into the planet below, waking up a evil entity that had been trapped within the planet. Forces at work then transform Sonic into his Werehog form, which soon after Dr. Eggman boots Sonic out of the airlock.

The article once again mentions how you’ll control Sonic during the daytime levels, also revealing that shaking the remote will let Sonic do his homing dash attack. Shaking the remote will also let you initiate the speed boost move when the gauge at the bottom of the screen is powered up.

The Werehog’s attacks will be controlled by both the Remote (controls Sonic’s right hand) and the Nunchuk (controls Sonic’s left hand). Pressing the Z button will let you block, while the B button will let Werehog grab and toss his enemies. While exploring the nighttime stages you’ll be able to collect red orbs, which will let you unlock new moves, such as the Were-Hammer, Were-Wallop, Were-Rush, Earthshaker, and Beatdown. Pressing the C button will activate Unleashed Mode, a temporary powered-up state that will gain you new attacks and you’ll also take less damage from enemies.

Check out scans of the 3-page article below: