What Happens When you Beat Sonic Chronicles?

What Happens When you Beat Sonic Chronicles?

by September 26, 2008

Major Spoilers Ahead for Brave Souls who Dare Read

The early leak of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood has brought about a myriad of tidbits from various Sonic community members.  In the past week, we’ve learned about how Dexter–which once caused a bit of a row in the Sonic community, was nothing more than a figment of Amy’s imagination.   We have read some fan accounts of some notable remixed music, particularly from Sonic 3D Blast, and we’ve also read that some feel the tunes just aren’t what they should be, with debates raging on as to whether emulation played a role in sound degradation.

Still, one major point has been left untouched by most, and they are the most that are still playing the game.  What happens when it’s all over?

The answer could have you putting two and two together, using a previous report we had about Bioware’s willingness to create a Chronicles sequel and the information we’re about to tell you.  According to a fan account on Sonic Retro, which cites other unnamed sources, the game ends with Sonic and his party on another world, with Dr. Eggman having taken over the existing environment.  If true, the situation could set up a second go-around for Chronicles with Eggman as the primary antagonist.  Even more startling–people have actually completed this game in less than a week, especially considering some of the accounts throughout many message boards of sometimes unforgiving difficulty in spots.

But, a sequel is still far, far away.  So when the game resets, according to another post over on the Green Hill Zone, you will retain most of your items–quest items being the exception–and the game will encourage you to go back and find any rings or Chao you forgot to pick up.  That said, there appears to be some replay value once the main story ends.

Hey, we told you what you were getting into once you clicked the link.

If you have the game and are playing it right now, what are your thoughts?  Sound off in the comment box below.