Exclusive Chronicles Chao Making Internet Rounds

Exclusive Chronicles Chao Making Internet Rounds

by September 29, 2008

Max Level Chao Can be Copied…a Lot

New details are emerging on that exclusive Chao that was only available at the Nintendo World store yesterday.  The Chao was made available to those who were in line to get Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood two days before the rest of North America, and to those who had a DS in tow, ready to play (which, sadly, if you haven’t read, were not my exact circumstances.)

Forum member Gold Ursaring over at GameFAQs managed to get the Chao in a local trade, we assume, with someone who was in attendance Sunday.  The black ninja Chao, named Stugs, evidently hands out near the waterfall in the Chao garden, and has these stats:

Bonded character is avoided by enemy attacks except as last surviving target.
Copies: 99
Level: Max!

They sent 99 copies, to promote the passage of the Chao after the event is over.

There are no restrictions on who can equip the Chao.  Purportedly, Stugs can be copied so many times in an effort by Sega and Bioware to promote the proliferation of it throughout the Chronicles community.  I guess if the game can be leaked so early, a simple Chao won’t do much harm.