More Sonic Unleashed Videos from French Game Show

More Sonic Unleashed Videos from French Game Show

by September 29, 2008

Sonic Unleashed LogoMore videos of varying degrees of quality, none as frustrating as yesterdays

As reported yesterday, Sega saw fit to send a playable version of Sonic Unleashed to French game show ‘Festival du Jeu Vidéo’. Yesterdays playable footage left a lot to be desired as the game was being played by probably the worst gamer in the world.

Today’s videos were spotted by eagle eyed Sonic Stadium forum member Mallion. They feature a full run through the Mykonos level played by a somewhat decent gamer, a bit of the middle section of the level played by someone else who seemed to know what they were doing but the last video is of a huge glitch.

Sonic basically passes through the wall of a building and then falls through the floor to his doom as the player tried in vein to get back on track. It must be stressed that this is still from an early version of the game, probably still the same version showed off at Leipzig but as Sonic Unleashed November release date fast approaches it’s enough to be slightly troubling.

Enjoy the other videos though as it seems when it works Sonic Unleashed looks glorious.