First @ TSSZ: Inside Archie’s Unleashed Adaptation

First @ TSSZ: Inside Archie’s Unleashed Adaptation

by October 6, 2008

How the Transition Happens in STH #193

UPDATE: Thanks to an attentive reader we’ve learned the YouTube link we’ve shared with you has been removed.  We’re looking for a replacement link, and as soon as we find one, we’ll replace the link.

It’s not even a month to the expected launch of Sonic Unleashed, and Archie Comics is already gearing up its adaptation.

Thanks to a news tip from sonicsmashkirby, we can bring you how Archie Comics will lead comic readers into Unleashed, via the Sonic the Hedgehog comic #193.

It’s a YouTube video for now, so you’ll have to pause amid the 25 seconds of footage shown.  It’s also a bit difficult to make out the type, but you may find some clues as to other plot details, or details that Archie will elaborate upon as the adaptation goes further.

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