Full List of Black Knight Art Contest Winners

Full List of Black Knight Art Contest Winners

by October 21, 2008

40 Winners from North America, Europe Revealed

We had some idea, at least within the Sonic community, as to whose work would be shown in the upcoming Sonic and the Black Knight.  Still, Sega of America and Sega of Europe have taken the time to release a full list of the winners in the Black Knight art contest.  All forty of them.

They are listed below.  Congratulations to all the winners.  Now the question remains: Will the art be region specific, or will all works be seen in all versions of the game?

Craig T. North Reading MA USA
Michael S. Ellensburg WA USA
Mary T. Lakewood CA USA
David C. Batavia IL USA
Jason C. Bay Point CA USA
Evan S. Santa Cruz CA USA
Tyler M. Belle Prairie MN USA
Heather B. Perry GA USA
Dean T. Costa Mesa CA USA
Amanda G. North Plains OR USA
Matthew B. Davis CA USA
Stanley L. Delta BC CAN
Quan P. Longueil QC CAN
Lauren A. Lithonia GA USA
Cassie D. Elmlvale ON CAN
Caitlin C. West Newton MA USA
Maxime T. Quebec QC CAN
Radience R. Lathrop CA USA
Bobby S. Vacaville CA USA
Dominic M. Woodside CA USA

Becky “Purity” Moore (UK) – Sonic 2
Michelle “Eless the Hedgecat” Whitehead (Australia) – Sonic & The Secret Rings
Izzy Carr (UK) – Sonic Adventure 2
Daniel “Danfield” Poole (UK) – Sonic Drift 2/Sonic Drift Racing
Zak “Zak29″ Simmonds-Hurn (UK) – Sonic 3
Jean-François “Adamis” Thébé (Belgium) – Sonic CD
Jess “Violet” Palmer (UK) – Sonic Spinball
Mike “Sock-Fox” Maynard (UK) – Sonic 3
Aliesha “Ishchn” Chin (UK) – Sonic 06
Jin “Jazzyjin” Chan Yum Wai (Australia) – Sonic Adventure
Kieran “Envy” Gates (UK) – Sonic Unleashed
Emma Sparkes (UK) – Sonic Advance 2
Ade-AndaRio (Spain) – Sonic 06
Craig Barclay (UK) – Sonic The Hedgehog
Adam “T-Bird” Tuff (UK) – Sonic & Knuckles
Daniele Ciciriello (Italy) – Sonic 06
Eliaz “Eyz” Constantino (Switzerland) – Sonic Heroes
Kiara Llewellyn (Ireland) – Shadow The Hedgehog
Mark “Mahzes” Teo (UK) – Sonic 3
Antonino Miniero (Italy) – Sonic Adventure 2