First @ TSSZ: Preliminary Release Date for Black Knight

First @ TSSZ: Preliminary Release Date for Black Knight

by October 27, 2008

Sonic and the Black Knight MainFirst Look at Ballpark NA, UK Dates

We haven’t even seen a confirmed release date of Sonic Unleashed yet and already dates are swirling about the next Sonic title, Sonic and the Black Knight.

Amazon has put up some preliminary information that is in line with the more general “Spring 2009” mantra that’s been discussed ever since Nintendo Power got the exclusive on the game a couple months back.  Amazon’s US site lists Black Knight to be released on March 10th, 2009 in North America.  That’s a Tuesday, a day when games usually see new releases.  Further, Amazon’s UK site lists a Black Knight release date of April 24th, 2009–a Friday.  That’s the day when most games see release on that side of the pond.

Take the information with a grain of salt–it is subject to change and we have yet to see confirmation from Sega.  That may not happen for a couple of months.  But thank Aqua Team for finding this information for us.  And as always, if you have a news tip to share, be sure to let us know by clicking the “News Tips” tab above.