Sonic World Adventure Boxart Revealed

Sonic World Adventure Boxart Revealed

by October 27, 2008

Japanese boxart and possible early Unleashed boxart are revealed…

Sega recently updated their official Sonic World Adventure game pages with the Japanese boxart for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii versions. Usually Japanese Sonic games consist of very colorful and decorative box artwork, so you won’t be disappointed with the Sonic World Adventure boxart.

In other related boxart news, our buddy Shadzter from The Sonic Stadium has discovered alternative Sonic Unleashed cover art. It’s very possible that this was a early version of the current Sonic Unleashed boxart, consisting of the same Sonic artwork, but instead has the world being broken to pieces behind him (similar to the new Japanese version). With the current (possibly final) version of the Sonic Unleashed boxart, there is no crumbling planet and instead just a bunch of pretty colors to catch our attention (blue hedgehogs catch my attention on most occasions). Check out the alternative boxart below, which comes from Argos.

Japanese Boxart (above), Alternative Boxart (below):